Thinking about tomorrow

The world needs intelligent energy solutions which are both efficient and sustainable to ensure the growth and prosperity of our future. We at RRC have taken on these demands and made them the yardstick for each and every one of our innovations - and with success too.

Saving resources

The times of electronic devices all needing special power adaptors and cables are over. Now generic power senders will be located throughout the home, office, car & co., from which all your appliances will receive power by induction. Not only does inductive electricity reduce production costs in comparison with conventional technologies, it also helps preserve our natural resources and generates less waste.

Saving energy

Nobody’s more effective. With an efficiency rate of over 90%, RRC’s power transmission technology is far ahead of other offerings in the segment. Save more energy with us and reduce your power consumption noticeably. It’s not just the environment that’ll be pleased.

Products as per eco-standards

Our production is in compliance with all national and international guidelines and standards, for example ISO 14001, REACH, RoHS, etc. After all, it’s important to us that RRC technologies be absolutely safe and environmentally sound.

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