Evaluation Kit

To get acquainted with our non-contact energy transfer technology we also provide Evaluation Kits (V.5.0), consisting of primary (transmitter) and secondary (receiver) electronics and a coil system. Transmitting up to 5W, the circuit boards can be operated with a range of coil systems. The transmitter is powered by a 19V DC source. Energy transmission begins once the receiver has been identified. The Evaluation Kit is equipped with safety features including metallic object detection, overload monitoring and protection against overheating, and can be configured to comply with the Qi-standard.

In November 2011, RRC has introduce its next generation Qi compliant wireless power and data transfer evaluation-kit (V.5.1) with an advanced miniaturized version on the receiver side and an increase in efficiency at the transmitter. The receiver now has footprint dimensions of only 6.5x14mm and the area of ​​the receiver coil has been reduced by 45%. By using the latest available technologies, we were also able to reduce the number of components.

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How works the "eval-kit wireless power" from RRC

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