Wireless power technology is diverse in its application. We offer all kinds of integration and implementation solutions for your products:

Standardized power supply modules

5 Watt Wireless Power Receiver Module
 Download Data Sheet RRC-WPR-5WS1 (PDF)

5 Watt Wireless Power Transmitter Module A1
 Download Data Sheet RRC-WPT-5WA10 (PDF)

5 Watt Wireless Power Evaluation-Kit
 Download Data Sheet RRC-Eval-Kit (PDF)

  • Qi compatible
  • Can be designed in customer applications
  • Suitable for small to medium quantities
  • Cost-efficient
  • Quickly applicable

Custom components

  • Battery chargers, batteries, power supplies, embedded power solutions
  • Development, approval, production, logistics, lifecycle-management

Embedded components

  • Integrated circuits and integratable transmitter components
  • Design-in on main board
  • Suitable for large quantities
  • Design-in support by RRC


  • Integration of the circuit board or chip 
  • Suitable for large quantities
  • Design In support by RRC
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