Achieving more with safety

All the energy and none of the risk: With inductive transmission you only get electricity where it’s supposed to be: in the receiver. This means flying sparks are next to impossible. That’s what makes wireless energy so versatile and universally applicable.


A power supply has to be safe when working with hazardous materials. By applying RRC’s inductive magnetic field technologies,  the risk of an explosion is avoided. It’s the ideal solution for petrochemical facilities, the mining industry or on oil tankers.


People fighting fires can’t afford any mistakes. Their work often involves sites with hazardous gases and materials, where sparks from technical equipment can have catastrophic consequences. No chance of that with inductive power solutions by RRC.

Gas Analysis Technology

Every precaution needs to be taken when dealing with leaking gases. Even the tiniest spark can have the most severe ramifications. At the same time, electrical engineers need suitably safe equipment in order to determine causes and assess the scene of an accident. RRC’s magnetic field technology provides the ideal and safe power source.

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