Energy within reach

These days a life without modern means of communication is unthinkable. We at RRC have projected our inductive charging technologies even further into the future than the development of the devices themselves.

Mobile Phones

You can forget about power adaptors and chargers. You don’t even have to plug in your phone when the battery’s running low. Just set it on the ultra-flat energy sender from RRC and the rest will happen via induction.

Notebook and Tablet PC

The batteries in your tablet PC or notebook won’t ever run out either. Thanks to integrated proximity coupling from RRC, the charging happens automatically while you work. Standardized power modules built into the computer receive energy simply by coming into contact with the sender you’re working near.

Camera, Remote Control, Headphones

When there’s static in the sound through your headphones, the remote control’s weakening or your camera keeps taking underexposed photos, you might replace the batteries. Or you could simply switch straight to RRC’s inductive technology and let the charging look after itself. Every time you put the device near the sender the batteries get topped up.

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