Energy for new horizons

Electricity in the air: Our wireless power technology even works flawlessly thousands of meters above the ground, where the possibilities for application are just as diverse as the demands of modern travel.

The “Smart” Tray Table

Frankfurt Airport: Shortly after take-off you switch on your notebook. The battery will last all the way to Tokyo. That’s twelve hours. Possible with RRC’s inductive power transmission, because your tray table becomes a power supply. Just put your notebook on the table and the power starts to flow. Even in-flight meals can be kept warm via energy from the table.

Movable Seating Without Cables

Need more people in economy class? Or more room in business? However the bookings, airlines can adjust and adapt their planes right before check-in. Using wireless power solutions from RRC, the seating rows can be easily shifted, more effectively utilizing the valuable space inside the plane.

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